• "The fact that I still have friends amazes me."
  • Breathe in, Breathe out

    Your heart is racing and you’re starting to get sweaty, you feel like you’re going to throw up and breathing becomes harder. Tears begin to flow and you fight to keep yourself from giving in. You start thinking about all those sessions:

    When you feel a panic coming just remember that you have to breathe, tell yourself positive things, whatever it worrying you is nothing in comparison to the great God you serve. Pray and ask God to help you control the breathing. Breathe slowly, in and out

    As you fight to keep yourself from losing it, you feel the panic swelling in your heart. Until you decide to give yourself over to panic. You cry and you cry; it pains you as you cry harder and struggle to control your breathing. You hear the sound of comfort “It’s okay, you will get through this, you always do. This is only temporary. Don’t let this panic win

    Slowly you start to come down, it get easier to breathe and you are no longer fighting the calm. You breathe in and in and out, you breathe in and out. You take one deep breath and you can finally control your breathing. 

    Your heart rate slows and the sweat is gone.You hear funny stories and conversations to distract you from your emotional ordeal. Suddenly you’re able to laugh and smile. And then sleep takes over..

    What happens when you wake up and it happens all over again? Do you take the proper steps or do you give panic another win? 

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  • Oh Our Lord - All Sons & Daughters

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  • "Just keep in mind that no one gives a shit what hurts you and what doesn’t and live with it."
  • Come To Me - Jenn Johnson & Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

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